Canvas Rainbow Playroom DIY

I had so much fun doing this project. It was time consuming, because I had to do several layers for each canvas.  But like the ABC wall art, I did it a little bit a time and went slowly, doing a bit when I could. I found this is the best way to do projects in my post-baby life.

Leave it all out and work on it when you can.  But of course, if you go this route, you have to be ok with a little bit of mess for awhile.  Which is hard for me, because I like a tidy house, with everything in its place.

My original inspiration came from the photo below.  You can see my full board here.  I loved this picture so much and wanted to do something as big as the picture.  But there was so much going on in Penelope’s new playroom that I need to scale it down to make it work. And to make it more cost effective.  Big canvases like that are expensive!

I used plan old acrylic paint.  I had about half the bottles and bought the other half.  These bottles can be kind of expensive, almost $3 a bottle, but you will use them for a long time.

If I had bought all the bottles, I probably would have used different paint colors, but I am still pretty pleased with the color palate.

These mini canvases came in a pack of three.  So I bought 5 packs for a total of 15.  A friend of mine had the great idea, of using felt instead!

Once they were all painted and dried, I had fun rearranging them on the floor to figure out what configuration I liked best.

Almost there!

Finally, the final configuration!

Then I put them up on the wall with velcro.  I put them right over her art table. So she likes to get up on her table and then pull them down. Which honestly, makes my skin crawl, because its just one more thing to clean up. But it is so beautiful to look at it, and we use it as a learning tool to learn her colors, that it is so worth it!

What do you think?

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  1. The Annessa Family says:

    Very neat idea – I'm sure it's hard when she pulls them off…but I love that its an interactive learning tool.


  2. I love how you wrote "honestly makes my skin crawl" LOL! That is totally me. When our little Eli is done making his mess in the playroom I have to organize it all back to where it belongs after his bedtime!

  3. @Brooke…yeah, I totally love that it is interactive, even though it bothers me!
    @Krissy…glad I am not alone in the OCD/tidy house category!!

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