Sleeping Baby Feet

As I mentioned in the ABC post,  I have been beginning to play around with taking pictures not in Auto.  I have always loved and admired good photography, but I wasn’t expecting it to feel so good.  Before when I took pictures in Auto, I never really felt like I could claim ownership of the photo, even if it was a great shot.

But now I feel like I am making art!  Art, that I can claim full ownership of.  And I am also messing around with some post editing features, and I really do get that same high of when I sew something.  That, “look what I made!” feeling.

So anyway, aren’t my sweet baby’s, sleeping feet, delicious?

Hope you are having a happy Hump Day!  I am off to assemble some slow cooker freezer meals, can’t wait to share them with you soon!

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  1. Renee@Nana's Empty Nest says:

    There's nothing better than baby feet and shooting in manual!

  2. The Annessa Family says:
  3. I have also just started to practice shooting in manual and post editing. It is absolutely the best feeling, especially when I take a beautiful picture of my beautiful daughter. Happy shooting!

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