Monogram Applique

Ya’ll know I am on an applique kick.  Well, here is another applique shirt I did.  This one was a gift for a sweet little boy named Owen, for his first birthday.  If you are local, his mom, Vanessa, has a great local blog.

I wanted to make Owen something, but I don’t really know how to sew boy clothes.  An applique shirt is the perfect compromise.  It can be for boys too, and it is a fast and simple thing to make.

I got the shirt on sale at Gap, and used scrap fabric from these projects, for the monogram.  I just did his first initial and used a letter from Penelope’s wooden ABC puzzle as a template. You could probably just google some fonts and use that as a template.

What is your favorite boy applique shapes/ideas?

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  1. I think a firetruck silhouette would be cute!

  2. Love this! All my friends have boys so this is a great gift idea.

  3. Stephanie, Thank you so much for this very thoughtful gift. Owen loves wearing his shirt and it looks so cute on him. It's a perfect gift…the only handmade one of the big day. Thank you!!!!

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