Last year during fig season I made this pie. It was AMAZING. Best pie I have ever made. And its because of the figs. Picked at the peak of flavor, from a local farmer, Turkey Hill Farm.  They are a part of the Red Hill Farm Alliance, if you are on Facebook you should check them out.  They are doing some cool things, for example you can order and pay for your vegetables online!

This year, I wanted to try and do a different recipe but that got vetoed very quickly from my husband, who has a sweet tooth the size of Texas.

Check out these pictures of Penelope when we were on the farm to pick them up.

Here’s a fig on the tree. I think fig trees are so pretty.

Sweet girl in her straw hat like mama.

The geese they have on the farm.  Penelope lovedthem.

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  1. Love the hat on Penelope! Where did you get it???

  2. Stephanie says:


  3. I shop there all the time, but try to stay away from the baby section!! BTW, my daughter was born on the same day as Penelope :-) Love the blog, it's getting me motivated before #2 shows up in Feb!

  4. Stephanie says:

    @Moe…I know, Target is like crack to me. I will go in for Baby OxyClean and walk out with $150 worth of stuff.

    That is so cool your daughter was born on 11.11 too, everyone always tells me that it is a very auspicious day and that 11 is a Master number in numerology. It's apparently a very big deal in the New Age/Spiritual crowd.

    Congrats on Baby number 2!

  5. 11.11 is also my Grandma's birthday. Very auspicious, I believe it!! Their 2nd and 11th birthdays will be their very special golden birthdays, most people only get one of those!


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