This Moment: Happy Family!

My family and I just got back from an amazing trip to California.  My husband drove out by him self and stayed with friends and went to several national parks.  Penelope and I flew out to meet him and we all stayed with friends in Ventura, California.  We planned on just going to the beach and camping while we were there, but a last minute decision to go to Mammoth Mountain to snowboard, also landed us in Yosemite National Park.  I have a buddy from high school that works there and the stars aligned perfectly for us to get a campsite.

Most of these pictures are from Yosemite and the last one is while camping in Leo Carrillo.  But they all have a theme.  Can you see it?  Relaxation and Happiness!

These picture clearly depict why I was so adamant about getting on that damn plane.  This family needs to travel.  We are happiest while on an adventure, exploring new things, and not having a detailed plan.  This was our first real trip since Penelope was born.  I am so glad we went!  Peter needed it so bad.  He is like a new person.  The person I fell in love with almost 8 years ago.  Thank God!  So this trip really made it clear to us, how we need to reprioritize our life and make sure that traveling is at the very top of the list.

I will do a  more detailed post next week and share some tips about traveling with toddlers, but moral of the story, we are one happy family!

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  1. Alicia@ eco friendly homemaking says:

    Great pictures! We used to live in the Sacramento area and loved going to Yosemite! It is so beautiful there. I bet you all had an awesome time.

  2. Just stumbled upon your blog today while searching out freezer cooking recipes. Then read more about breastfeeding, placenta eating… but this is the post that has me hooked. I was born in Ventura and grew up in Mammoth! We try to go to Yosemite at least once a year, but will probably miss this year :(

    I can't wait to read more of your writings!!


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