July 4th Yarn Wreath

I have been talking about a lot of wreaths this year!  I made a Easter one and the other day, I made a July 4th wreath. If I had got it together in time, it could have been a Memorial Day through July 4th wreath.

It was pretty time consuming, considering I like my craft projects to be wham, bam, thank you maam. But it was a very simple and CHEAP project.

First, you wrap yarn around a wreath.  This is the time consuming part.  I did mine in spurts, here and there, and I think if you were able to sit down for awhile and really get in a groove, it would go faster.  Maybe take the opportunity to practice your Breath Awareness.

To start the wrap around process, I simply stapled the yard to the wreath and went to town.

Then cut out squares of felt.  All different sizes.  I went with white and blue, going with the July 4th theme.  After I cut out the squares, I cut out circles.  I free handed the circle, I thought it gave it a nice natural edge and lent it self to looking more flower like in the end.  But you can certainly take a cup or bowl and trace a perfect circle first and then cut it out.

Then you cut each circle into a spiral, starting on the outside and cutting into the center.

Then you simply roll up the spiral of felt to make the flower.  You can hot glue the end piece to the side of the flower to keep in place, or do like I did, and just use a pin to pin it in place.  You can then hot glue them on the wreath, but I chose to use a pin again and put the pin in the center of the flower and pushed it into the wreath.

That way, I can take them off very easily and switch out the blue flowers for green and instantly have a Christmas wreath!

Here is a great link full of different color combinations for some more inspiration.
Hope everyone has a happy and safe 4th!

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