Penelope the Yoga Teacher

This is one of Penelope’s favorite things to do.  She likes to play yoga teacher and put her dolls into yoga positions. Oh, she makes her Mama proud.

Here she is putting Dolly into Plow Pose or maybe its Toes to Nose.

And now she is rolling her over to do Kicky Cobra.
So fascinating to see all the ways that yoga becomes intertwined in her daily life and how she expresses herself through yoga.

Just FYI, most of the baby yoga poses I post, I learned at my Itsy Bitsy Yoga training. The founder and creator, Helen Garabedian, has a great book and dvds that you can purchase to help your home practice. Or you can go to her website and try and find a class near you!

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  1. SO cute.

  2. Andréann says:

    I catch my girl doing that too! it's SO cute!
    Penelope does look like an awesome teacher!

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