Breastfeeding and Protandim

I signed up to be a distributor to sell Protandim, and started my home business, back in the summer, even though I hadn’t tried it myself, because I was so impressed with how it helped my father.

He had something called peripheral neuropathy in his toes. Basically, the nerve endings were dying off and he couldn’t wiggle his toes. After three weeks of taking one pill a day, of Protandim, he got all movement back! His and other stories I heard, of how Protandim made a huge difference, moved me enough to want to share the news and be a part of LifeVantage.

I didn’t start taking it at first, because LifeVantage’s official statement on taking Protandim while pregnant or nursing, was that you couldn’t. I was told it really was ok, but it was a liability issue, and the company couldn’t come out and say that it was. Kind of like how they slap, “consult your doctor first if you are pregnant or nursing” on EVERYTHING.

Later, they changed their official statement and said that it was ok, as long as you had approval from your Dr. So I showed my doctor some information on Protandim (and got the thumbs up from him), and also did a ton of research on my own-on each individual ingredient of Protandim (Milk Thistle, Turmeric, Ashwaganhda, Green Tea and Bacopa) and found out that all the ingredients are OK to take while breastfeeding. In fact, Milk Thistle and Turmeric are known to actually increase your milk supply!

I started out with half a pill because I wanted to monitor Penelope and see if she had any reactions to it. And sure enough, she did! Her Eczema got better! We have been battling eczema for months and months. I have tried every natural remedy and product out there, including taking her to acupuncture doctor to clear her of any food allergies that may or may not be causing her eczema and nothing was really helping. I even caved and put some topical steroids on it a couple of times, and that was the only thing that helped her until I started taking Protandim. I have since upped to one pill a day, and have also noticed a slight improvement in both Penelope and I’s overall sleep. She is sleeping slightly longer stretches and I am having an easier time falling asleep, staying asleep and sleep deeper. All very good things in my book!

I will be at the Tallahassee Fitness Festival this Saturday! Come by and say hello!

Also, I will be hosting an informational meeting at my house on Feb 10th at 6p. Your invited!  Bring a friend! And please pass this link along to any mama’s you think might be interested in learning more about Protandim.   If you have any questions, please send me an email at

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  1. I too am a Distributor for Protadim. I had been taking it a few months prior to getting pregnant and felt great. After personally consulting with the creator, Dr McCord and my OB/GYN I felt comfortable taking it while pregnant. I noted increased energy and restful sleep compared to my previous two pregnancies. I gave birth to our beautiful, healthy daughter Gloria naturally. My recovery was quick and my weight loss was rabid. I continue to take it while breastfeeding and strongly believe that we are both healthier for it. I would highly recommend it to everyone!

  2. Stephanie says:

    Hi Amy!

    Thanks so much for your comment! That is so great to hear that Protandim can help some pregnancy related symptoms! And so glad to hear you had a natural birth and are breastfeeding, congrats!!

  3. Great to know! I am also a distributor and have been taking Protandim throughout my pregnancy, and plan to continue through breastfeeding. I'm happy to hear about these great results for you both!

  4. Mikayla Allegretto says:

    So good to know! I started taking Protandim a week ago. My mom is a sales rep. I am bfing and my husband kept asking me if it was safe. I decided to do some research a week in and found good things in regards to bfing. Thanks so much for this. I may sell it to in the future after I've taken if for a few months, so I have my own testimony before trying to sell it to people. I am hesitant because I did ACN and that was a bust. How are you doing with the business and how long have to been in? My cousin is the one who got my mom in and myself interested and she's doing great health wise and wealth wise! She was also in ACN for 3 years, got to team coordinator and still wasn't making any money. LifeVantage compesation plan is 1 million times better than ACN, so I'm excited for when I do start my business. Thanks for any feedback.

  5. Stephanie says:

    Hi Mikayla,

    I am not sure what ACN is??

    I have been really happy with LifeVantage's compensation plan and support from upline, not to mention THRILLED with the product. I personally have not put the time and effort into my business yet that I need to, but once this semester is over, I will not be going back to school in order to give it my full attention. Send me an email if you ever have any questions.

  6. I just came across this doing some more research on the pills. I too am breast feeding a now 18 month old little boy. He woke up every 45 min to an hour for the first 8 months, every 3-4 hours until the past 2 weeks which I started taking one of these pills a day….HE NOW SLEEPS FROM 8PM TO 6AM!!!!!! I sleep harder as well…love this stuff!!!!!!

  7. Any chance of trying the product here in Australia? I commented on another post earlier about getting what you need when you need it. Maybe this is something i need too?

    • I am pretty sure you can get product shipped to Australia. Try to order some online, from the link I provided and see what it says. I am pretty you can become a distributor in Australia too. Let me know if you have any other questions. ;)

      • Anna-Lee says:

        Hi Jo and Stephanie,

        I’m not sure if you ever managed to source this in Australia. Just for future reference I am a distributor here and more than happy to help connect you up with the product. It really is just that amazing.


  8. Aloha from the island of O’ahu (: my friend introduced me to this awesome product !!! Her name is Vicki M. I noticed she looks really happy, HEALTHY and radiant! After conversating for about 1/2 hour…I asked…”what are you doing to yourself because you look younger and happier and awesome!”. She said “im glad you asked! I am taking a pill called Protandim!”!! Now everyone, mind you this lady is 66 years old!!!! I knew her for about 5-6 years now. I met her at my job and became friends with her since. Through out the years I’ve known her, I never saw her like this!!!!! Although she always had a lovely attitude, I just never seen he like this! I hope you understand me??? Lol. Anyways, long story short…I’m not in it to make money…I’m going to get myself involved in this because I have a lot of friends and family who needs help in their Health!!! Should I make money while helping my friends and family, then awesome! But first priority is to help become healthy!!!!

  9. Trying to conceive for two years and wondering if it’s safe to take protandim. Please reply

  10. Hi! I was excited to find this today, my husband started Protandim a week ago and is so excited about it and wants me to try it. I am nursing my second baby and she is almost 6 months. She suffered horrible colic as did my first. I have low milk supply due to insufficient glandular tissue due to PCOS. So I have all the normal breast feeding concerns….is it safe for baby?…is it safe for me?…but I have an extra very big concern once the initial ones are checked out….will it hurt my milk supply? If any food, herb or supplement could hurt a full supply moms milk in the slightest I won’t even go near it! So I found your post very informative, but want to ask do you feel your milk supply was untouched, increased or decreased? Thanks so so much!!!


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