This Moment 1.14.11: Bye-Bye Baby Shoes

Saying bye-bye to some too-small baby shoes. :(

Is anyone else deeply attached to their child’s shoes/clothing? I don’t think I will ever be able to part with a single shoe or outfit. I will have to get a storage unit for all her clothes. I want to keep them all. Forever. Is that weird?

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  1. Anonymous says:

    I'd love to make Christmas ornaments out of some of my children's old clothing. I'm just not sure how I do it. I want to be able to enjoy them and not have them boxed up all of the time. Shoes are hard to part with. :(

  2. blondechick25 says:

    Not weird at all! I tried to go through clothes to pass onto a friend and found that I couldn't part with as much as I should have. But I'm planning on having more babies, just hoping that they'll be boys!

  3. Not all all. I have every item of the girls newborn up to 3 month clothes. My plan is for the girls to use them as doll clothes.

  4. Lia Dominique Andress says:

    Nope. Not weird. I have ALL her clothes. And I do not intend to part with anything… unless it was some tacky awful outfit I only put on for the sake of the person who bought it, lol. Unfortunately, those are few and far between. But add to the clothing all her toys and books. Won't be parting with those either. I think we should open a storage unit business just for children's stuff.

  5. Enjoy Birth says:

    I have 3 boys and have always saved their clothes to hand down. Well after the 3rd boy they were not worth saving or passing on to wear, but I saved my favorite pieces and my friend will make a quilt for me in a few years. :)

  6. My mum even kept a bunch of my stuff and now 30 years later, my daughters are wearing some of the same things that I had as a baby! I've kept most things from my girls, unless it was stained or I didn't like it that much in the first place anyway ;) I think it's worth it to keep stuff, at least the best stuff anyway :)

  7. Stephanie says:

    Glad I am not the only one! What great ideas, thanks!

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