Last Minute Homemade Gift Ideas

Like you don’t have 5 million other things to be doing right now, but JUST in case, here are few super cute, last minute, homemade, and best of all, EASY and CHEAP gift ideas.

These are some organic sugar body scrubs I made. Here is the full tute here. It was very easy. I put Penelope in her highchair to supervise, since I don’t have one of these (oh, please Santa, bring me on for Christmas!) and it took 15 minutes from start to finish, including the fabric tops.  Oh and I made mine with olive oil instead of coconut oil and used far more lavender drops than they recommend in the tute.

For the tops, I just cut out three squares from scrap fabric. Remember this stack of remnants I scored in Havana? You put the flat lid of the mason jar on first, then lay down the fabric, then screw on the other part of the lid. I also tied some bows and slapped on a From Stephanie’s Kitchen sticker, that I bought from the Polka Dot Press a couple of years ago. I have seen several free downloadable versions online though, so search around first.

This is a 5 minute apron, no joke. I bought a napkin from World Market, I originally wanted to buy a dish towel, but they didn’t have any I was in love with and the napkin was only $2.99. I had the red buttons and the ribbon on hand from previous project. I sewed the ribbon and button on and then trimmed the ribbon to be able to wrap around my waist twice.

I got the idea from another local, crafty gal (actually her MIL to be exact), she has a super cute blog too.

Here are couple more ideas:

Clothespin Gift Tags, every since I modpodged some old wipe containers and glass vases for Penelope’s birthday, I want to modpodge everything.

Wine Gift Bag

Homemade Cocoa Powder, thanks for the link Ashely!

And when I went to Prudent Baby to get a link for the sugar scrub above, I saw that they are doing the EXACT same post over there…I swear I came up with this post idea on my own! So for even more ideas check them out here, they are the masters.

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