Penelope Likes to Nurse – A Handmade Book

This is the little book I made Penelope when we were attempting the Big Switch.

Although, the Big Switch was a Big Flop, she LOVES her book! She also really likes her books, We Like to Nurse and Mama’s Milk and Near Mama’s Heart.

I just got prints of all the pictures I had of her nursing. I did them in a 5×7 size to make them easier for her to see. Then I cut larger rectangles of black card stock and pasted the pictures to the card stock.

I decorated the front and back cover with some scrapbook paper that came with an album I got at my baby shower.

I bought some self laminating paper at Micheal’s and I laminated the front and back cover.  My original intention was to laminate the whole thing to make it more durable, but after doing the front and back, I realized it wasn’t going to do shit to keep it safe from Penelope the Destroyer, so why waste my time!

Then I hole punched each page and threaded some ribbon through. Tied it up and viola, handmade book!

I think making a personalized book is such a useful idea to help with any transition, whether its moving to a big kid bed, weaning from boob, paci or bottle, getting ready for a baby sibling, or to explain bedtime routines.

Have you ever made a personalized book for your little one?

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  1. My lil one is 21 months and still nursing till she chooses to wean. I love this idea for a nursing book. Yours is just lovely! Thank you for sharing!


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