Sunday Surf 10.17.10

Homegirl at the Healthy Home Economist has blown my mind. Again.
Think raw veggies are best? Think again!

She has one little line about alfalfa sprouts that came as a big surprise to me. She said that they are mildly toxic and an immuno suppressant! Shit! I have been sprouting seeds, including alfalfa, for several months now and I thought I was being such a healthy rock star. Nope! Learn something new everyday.

Did you have a cesarean birth? Have you ever had any procedures done to your cervix before you gave birth? There very well may be a correlation! And better news, an easy way to fix it! Some women who have scar tissue on their cervix have a hard time dilating past 1 to 3 cm and end up having a cesarean for “failure to progress”.  Check out this article to learn more.

I forgot to mention this new Tallahassee online resource last week, it’s got something for everyone in Tallahassee.  Check it out!

This is a neat article about how cavemen (and cave women) used to parent. Just fyi, it’s called Attachment Parenting nowadays!

And lastly, an amazing article about Positive Discipline. I am very new to this and am very excited to learn more.

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