Friday Link Love 9.24.10

This article is just another reason, to add to my list of reasons, why not to get an epidural.  “Mothers who have epidurals experience little to no pain in their labors. If mothers experience little to no pain, they produce little to no beta-endorphin. When mothers produce little to no beta-endorphin, their babies have more painful births.”

A friend of mine, recently had a horrific experience flying on Delta with her family.  She almost got arrested for breastfeeding and refusing to take her baby out of her Maya Wrap carrier.  INSANITY.  Check out her blog for the story and Delta’s response.

And what’s a Friday Link Love without several links to The Healthy Home Economist!?

VERY interesting article about Rhogram vaccinations for pregnant women.   In it, she mentions that a lot of “mercury free” vaccinations are, in fact, not mercury free at all.

This one poo-poos Dr. Oz and the “healthy nutrition advice” he doles out on his show.

And lastly, the funniest freaking video I have ever seen on YouTube.  A very pregnant lady, trying to “Walk It Out” in order to induce labor. She is so awesome. I want to be her friend.

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