Recyle, Reuse…Refashion II

Recycle, Reuse, Refashion

After my first refashion I started digging through my closet to see what else I can refashion for my Sweet Pea.

This time I cut up an old Lilly Pulitzer skirt that doesn’t fit me anymore. See a pattern here? I have held on to, way too many clothes, hoping that I would magically become skinny one day and fit into them again. But post childbirth, I am so impressed with my body for creating, growing, pushing out a baby and then making milk for it that I am finally at peace with how my body looks and can LET GO of these old clothes!

For this refashion, I had to rip out the zipper in the back and sew it back together, and then finished it with pinking shears. Then I cut out armholes, in the shape of an upside down J. The skirt was already fully lined, so I turned it inside out and placed the edges of the armholes right sides facing and sewed together.

Then I turned the top edge down of the front and back necklines and sewed a casing for the ribbon. And since it was a skirt in its past life the hem was already complete!
Recycle, Reuse, Refashion

Ta Da! The one on the left, is another pillow case dress I made for Miss P. Here is a great tutorial for pillow case dresses.

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  2. This is awesome. Now if I could figure out how to make boy clothes…

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    Thanks so much Kristy!


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