Eight is Great!

Happy 8th Birthday Sky! It’s been a rough 6 months for poor Sky, Penelope came into the world and dethroned him. He got kicked out his bed, I don’t take him on walks anymore because I can’t handle the stroller and him, we don’t make his food as much anymore and in general he gets less love and hugs from me. But that said, he is still our baby and we love him to pieces, we are just too tired these days to show him!

This is a picture of Sky as he was watching Penelope be born.

Checking out the new baby, he has been uber protective ever since.

The faces begin. After the first 12 hours of Penelope’s life had passed, the realization had sunk in that he was no longer numero uno.

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Just one of our favorite pics of Mr. Sky. Happy Birthday! We love you and look forward to at least 8 more birthdays!

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  1. Lia Dominique Andress says:

    Nothing but love to you Sky!!!! I still remember your stinky farts in the Jeep on the way to Alligator Point. And Penelope was just a glimmer in your mother's eye <3

  2. Staceze says:

    happy birthday sky. buzzzz felt the same way, so just know that are other dogs out there that feel like you:)

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