Farts and Yoga

farts and yoga

Last week was the second week in a row that I actually managed to go to a yoga class. It’s only the third time I have gone this pregnancy. Before you get all up in arms about the yoga teacher not going to yoga class, please know that I have been practicing, but it’s just not in a class.

The first trimester was so awful, there was no way I could muster the energy to get dressed, drive to a studio, and do yoga for more than an hour. So I simply did yoga every chance I have at home, when I felt ok, and in small increments.

I went to a regular yoga class, not a prenatal one, because since I closed the studio, no one has started another prenatal yoga class. Journeys in Yoga is where I go and they have classes for all levels and several gentle yoga classes that are perfect for a pregnant mom trying yoga for the first time. Hopefully she will have an 8 week prenatal class this summer – I will keep you posted on that.

Anyway, so last week was my first full hour class in several months. It was very interesting. Although, I had been practicing at home, I was doing lots of easy stuff, and when I got to class, I realized that my belly had actually become inhibiting. Even though deep twists are not good to do when you’re pregnant, I could not do one even if I wanted to!

I was moving very slowly too, inching my way into each pose. Instead of my normal seamless breath in between each pose, there was lots of heaving and sighing. I can no longer do headstands and arm balances, which is difficult for me, since those poses were favorites of my practice. And poses that were once very pretty — three legged dog, half moon, and dancers pose — all look, well, tired.

It was a great lesson for me to be in the moment. To know that it is ok to take a brief moment to mourn the woman I used to be and then totally accept the present moment. And for me the present moment also included lots of gas. Farting has sort of become like breathing for me. Thankfully I am in an office by myself at work and I can just let them rip. At home its no holds barred too, much to Peter’s dismay. But in a quiet yoga class, with people VERY close to you, gas becomes a problem. The poor lady didn’t know what she had coming laying her mat next to mine!

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  1. Wow Stephanie, I almost woke up Addie from laughing so hard. Here I was just looking for some stretches to do in the mornings and this comes up. This tops the hilarity of your well placed cursing.

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